Solution Comp



The Iconic La Sportiva Solution Comp shoe has been tweaked to deliver exceptional performance in competitions. The Solution Comp is a softer, more sensitive and more responsive version of the Solution.


The key difference between the original Solution and the Solution Comp can be found in the heel. The Heel of the solution comp is lower volume, softer and thinner, providing a better fit to a wider range of foot sizes. Performance is also enhanced by the tweaks to the heel as there are much higher levels of sensitivity through the heel, allowing exceptional heel hook potential on the smallest of edges and holds. Toe hooks are also enhanced when compared with the Solution due to the increased volume of rubber on the top of the shoe.


The softest and stickiest of Vibram rubbers, 3.5mm VibramXS Grip2, is used on the Solution Comp, enabling it to perform exceptionally well on the smallest holds on the steepest terrain. The shape  and performance of the Solution Comp is maintained throughout its lifetime through the La Sportiva P3 System. 



  • Upper: Combination of suede leather with microfiber.
  • Lining: Pacific toe, Lycra® tongue
  • Midsole: Hytrel anatomical support of the metatarsal arch combined with the P3 system
  • 3,5 mmVibram®XS Grip2