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Instinct SR



When created the Scarpa Instinct SR was their softest shoe and a reformulation of the iconic Scarpa Instinct S slip-on. The key changes lay in the increased toe rubber and the new heel, both constructed with super sticky M-50 rubber. The midsole is half-length and incredibly flexible due to its construction from Flexan 1.0mm. Whilst the SR is an excellent all-rounder, its softness and flexibility lend the shoe to exceptional levels of performance when indoor bouldering, especially on competition-style problems.

The Instinct SR is ever so slightly asymmetrical and downturned, allowing for stable foot placements through steep terrain, however, the SR comes into its own with toe and heel hooks. The upper is constructed from microfibre and features five panels, this system ensures the greatest equalization of power is maintained through the shoe and that it won’t stretch or sag during its lifetime.