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Dragon Lace



Five Ten’s Dragon Lace is the ultimate bouldering beast! This climbing shoe is high performance and highly aggressive, it has been specifically designed to deliver exceptional foot power on overhanging and steep terrain.


The sole is constructed using 3.5mm HF (High Friction) Stealth Rubber. This rubber compound has been formulated to deliver higher levels of stick with less exertion from you, making the shoe excellent on partial holds where it is harder to exert as much downforce through holds. Heel and toe hooks are a dream due to the ergonomic heel shape and the large rubber patch over the toe box.


Comfort is assured from the outset due to the microfiber upper, which will hold its shape for the shoe’s life. The fit is further enhanced by the asymmetrical lacing system.

  • Upper: Synthetic microfiber.
  • 3.5mm HF Stealth Rubber Sole