Boundless An Adventure Beyond Limits

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“Boundless” is a book about facing challenge and fear, both in the wilderness and at home. Karen’s first book “If You Fall” is about recovering from the rock-climbing accident that paralysed her and about returning to adventures and embracing change. “Boundless” is a very different book and tells the stories of the biggest challenges Karen has faced yet, beginning with a 600 kilometre crossing of the Greenland icecap on a sit-ski, a month-long journey across one of the world’s great expanses of wilderness. This journey led Karen to a bold decision to return to the rock and a week-long climb suspended on the kilometre-high overhanging face of El Capitan, using just her arms in over 4000 pull-ups. “Boundless” isn’t a book about expedition heroics, but one that offers a view of life’s challenges and the profound effects of wilderness. Karen’s adventures show just what is possible when heart and mind are set to something.