5.10 Neon Knee Pad

by Five Ten

£50.00 £44.99

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The Five Ten Neon Kneebar pad is guaranteed to downgrade climbs - or at least thats what the guys at Five Ten say! . Featuring a super sticky layer of Stealth Mystique Rubber with a working micro-porous synthetic liner. The snug fitting Neon is ergonomically engineered to allow full knee articulation while protecting and clinging to any angle rock. At first the pad is a little stiff but after a few wears it starts to come into its own. This pad is very robust in its construction which is great for those nasty sharp tuffa's.

This is a must have item for those looking to milk that kneebar rest and whats more we are offering £10 off RRP.

You can check out a review with Tom Newman here of how the Five Ten Neon Knee bar pad can give you the edge in those marginal situations.




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