Presenting a great climbing brand with a wide rich heratage. The brand behind Alex Magos and many of the worlds greatest climbers.

£130.00 £129.95


Designed for maximum efficiency the IATI climbing shoes give you more resources and more precision in every movement.

£120.00 £119.95


Developed as part of the RA project, the MASAI shares many of technical advances made in that shoe.

£140.00 £139.95


When we conceived the new Mastia we wanted not only to create an aggressively curved shoe that delivered maximum power for standing on tiny holds.

£135.00 £134.95


The perfect combination of form and flexibility enabling ultimate precision. The Mundaka features a close, glove-like fit, providing maximum responsiveness in all types of climbing situations.

£125.00 £124.95


When we started on ‘project OASI’ we wanted to create a curved climbing shoes that works as well on friction slabs and vertical walls as it does on overhanging routes and boulder problems.

£125.00 £124.95


A new version of the Oasi specifically adapted to the anatomy of the female foot.

£125.00 £124.95


Developed in parallel with the OASI, the TARIFA shares many of the technical advances applicable to that model.