Rock Tots Sheffield

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 31st Oct 2019

Rock Tots Shefield


We are thrilled to announce that Rock Tots, Rock Kids Classes and Birthday Parties are coming soon to Depot Sheffield!


Dates and times

10:15-11:00 Induction
11:00-12:00 Rock Tots
12:15-13:15 Rock Kids

09:15-10:00 Induction
10:00-11:00 Rock Tots
11:15-12:15 Rock Kids

Rock Tots classes are for 1-4yr and their supervising adult. (Older children, up to the age of 6yr, can also come to this class if accompanying a younger sibling).

Rock Kids classes are for 3-6yr and their supervising adult. (Younger children, from the age of 2yr, can also come to this class if accompanying an older sibling).

One adult can supervise up to two children (including babies) in the centre.


Sessions are £6.50, and if you have not attended before, then you will need to do an induction prior to taking part for a one-time £5.

Children that are already signed up will have priority on the next set of bookings.

Generally, we will be running throughout the holidays, with the exception of the odd week over Christmas where the centre may be shut, and for staff holidays.



Classes will need to be booked in advance. If there is a week you cannot make, then as long as the Centre knows at least 2 days in advance, the bookings can be rolled over to a different date.

When the classes get fully booked, a waiting list will be put in place.

If you are on a waiting list, you will be emailed when a place becomes available.

Rock Tots and Rock Kids will be available to book online, over the phone, or in the centre very soon!



All classes and induction will need to book in advance (see times above).

It is essential that everyone coming to the centre to either climb or supervise a child, will need to do a one-off induction. This will go through centre rules, safety information and details about the class.

This one-off induction is at greatly reduced, one off price of £5, for anyone coming to Rock Tots or Rock Kids class.

If you have been to the centre before, but not a Rock Tots class, we ask that you come along to another induction to hear all the details about the class, but you will not have to pay for this second induction.

There will be some forms to fill in prior to the induction, which should be done online, via the link sent to you when booking. However, if you are having trouble finding the email - you can find the forms here: 

This induction will go over all the important safety rules and information. Given the young age of the children coming to our classes, we do not expect the children to understand all this information, so it is the responsibility of their supervising adult, to reinforce these rules and keep their child safe whilst in the Centre.

It is for this reason we advise, whenever possible, to complete the induction without young children with you. We are offering a number of opportunities to complete this induction, before your first class, which hopefully will allow you to complete it at a time when you do not have children with you, or you have someone there to help look after them, while the induction is taking place. The induction takes about half an hour.