Crack Fest 2020

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 17th Feb 2020

Crack Fest 2020 at Depot Sheffield

When is it on?

Crackfest 2020 is on Saturday 7th March from 10:00-16:00

How much is it and who can take part?

Ticket price - £25.00 for the day. Anyone aged 14+ and are registered to climb unsupervised can take part.

What do you get?

  • Entry to the centre for the day
  • A scorecard to enable you to participate on the crack circuit and challenges
  • A Crack School* FULLY BOOKED!
  • A roll of tape with 'how to' taping instructions
  • A competition T-shirt**
  • Raffle entry for a chance to win a great prize!
  • The opportunity to purchase Pete Whittakers book Crack Climbing at 20% off when you purchase at the time of booking

How do you book?

  • Book online below
  • Book at The Depot Sheffield reception desk
  • Book over the phone on 0114 327 1948

So what is Crack Fest?

Crack Fest is a crack theme based festival. The event will consist of a circuit of crack themed problems, prize challenges, and of course the ever popular WideBoyz Crack School Classes.

Crack Circuit:

This is a fun circuit of boulder problems, with a crack based theme. Think of it as an off the beaten track set of boulders; jamming with hands, feet, knees, elbows, your whole body and anything else you can think of is legit. Pretty much anything goes in this comp!

The problems will be for all abilities, starting at easy and gradually getting harder - all the way up to "pretty techy" (according to Pete Whittaker!). If you've never jammed before, make sure you book quickly to guarantee yourself on a Crack School class which will really help you during the comp!

On the day there will be at least two of the WideBoyz Crack Coaches available to offer advice and tips on how to complete the problems.

At the end of the competiotion the Male and Female with the most points from the crack circuit will be crowned Crack King and Crack Queen!


There will be a number of different crack challenges to participate in during the day to test your strength, stamina, technique, and pain threshold on, with individual prizes up for grabs for each challenge.

Crack Schools

There will be 6x1 hour crack schools running throughout the day, being run by one of the WideBoyz Crack Coaching team, Tom, Pete, or Harriet. The first 50 tickets booked for Crack Fest get a guaranteed spot on a Crack School*

*Only the first 50 tickets are guaranteed a place on Crack School. However, you do not have to take up this option if you don't want to, your place will be offered to someone else if you don't want to attend. Tickets sold after the first 50 places go into a draw to attend a crack school in place of any drop outs.

If you have secured yourself a Crack School place (by booking one of the first 50 tickets) you will be allocated a Crack School time depending on the order your booking came in. Unfortunately you won't be able to transfer to a different slot, so please make sure you're there on time!

Crack School times:

Booking 1-8: 10:00-11:00 coached by Pete

Booking 9-16 11:00-12:00 coached by Tom

Booking 17-24 12:00-13:00 coached by Harriet

Booking 25-32 13:00-14:00 coached by Pete

Booking 33-41 14:00-15:00 coached by Tom

Booking 42-50 15:00-16:00 coached by Harriet

**T-Shirts are first come first serve, one per person, so make sure you arrive early to get yours!