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Strong Core Yoga - Sheffield


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Thu 16th Jul, 6:30PM – Thu 16th Jul, 7:30PM



This class uses strong sequences of both Yoga Asana and Pilates conditioning to challenge the core. Toning and strengthening the deep core muscles using poses in an interesting way (it's not just an hour of plank!). Challenging core stability to improve your climbing abilities.

Though all poses and sequences will be broken down and explained; this is a strong class, building an incredible amount of mindful strength for our bodies.
By taking this class, you'll find that your performance in your regular yoga practice, handstand / headstand work or of course; climbing will greatly improve.

Tone up, get strong, build confidence in your core strength to tackle those trickier problems and gain the core stability needed to reach for those previously out of reach holds.

Classes cost just £8.00 per session and include all equipment. Alternatively, you can choose to Strong Core Yoga & Climb for £12.00




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