Winter Bouldering League 2013/14 Nottingham

by Dan Crossdale
Posted: 3rd Apr 2014


Winter Bouldering League 2013/14 notts Final

Final results available here.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Winter League. Well done to everyone who participated.

Details of the Summer League coming soon.


The Depot Team


The ever popular Winter Bouldering League is back! With over £1000 worth of prizes on offer and one month to work the competition problems. This really is a competition for all ages and abilities.

The dates for competition are:

Round 1 – 31st Oct to 3rd Dec
Round 2 – 5th Dec to 7th Jan
Round 3 – 9th Jan to 11th Feb
Round 4 – 13th Feb to 18th Mar
Final – 28th Mar

Entry is just £1.50 for a scorecard which will be available from reception. Each entry gets you one entry into the raffle which will be drawn at the final.

You will have one month to complete as many of the 30 problems as possible. Flash 10 points, second attempt 7 points; Third attempt 5 points and any other attempt 4 points. You can have as many attempts on problems as you want as the scoring does not go to zero.

The final round is double points and one round will be dropped.

The age categories for the competition are:

Junior Female 7-11 years
Junior Male 7-11 years
Junior Female 12-15 years
Junior Male 12-15 years
Senior Male 16-39 years
Senior Female 16-39 years
Veteran Male 40+ years
Veteran Female 40+ years