Nottingham Winter Bouldering League 2017/18

Posted: 5th Dec 2000


The Winter Bouldering League is a league format competition designed to be open to all, regardless of ability, and is as much about helping your climbing progress as it is about competition. It features 30 pink problems, set across all grades, and gives you a whole month (and unlimited attempts!) to do them.


  • A friendly competition suitable for all abilities - a great introduction to competition climbing and to measure progress
  • 30 pink problems from V0 to V10 with 1 month and unlimited attempts to complete
  • Over £1500 in prizes to be won (for podiums and in our raffle)
  • £1.50 for entry (purchase your scorecard from reception)
  • Each round you enter = 1 entry in the raffle
  • Drop your worst round score (or a missed round if you head anywhere exciting over the winter!)
  • Final round is a one night only event with DJ, pizza and double points!


  1. R1 - 9/11/17 to 5/12/18
  2. R2 - 14/12/18 to 16/1/18
  3. R3 - 18/1/18 to 20/2/18
  4. R4 - 22/2/18 to 27/3/18
  5. Final - 30/3/17