Wild Country Helium Friends in The Depot Shop

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 26th Apr 2012


We have a great range of camming devices in the Depot shop- the Wild Country Helium range moving the game on with a host of new features.

Thirty three years in the making and the distillation all Wild Country's knowledge the new Helium Friends build on the unique heritage of the most inspired, innovative and copied product in climbing. From the company that made the first ever camming device, Helium Friends are stylish, dynamic and ergonomic. The Helium Friend is designed to be the ultimate Friend and has been superbly re-engineered to achieve this aim with a unique mix of classic and new features. It’s the Friend that completes the sharpest, lightest racks, the Friend for the hardest sends and the most insane cracks; the Friend to lead the next generation.

Significantly, Helium Friends have got a more concise and ordered range - trimming the number of units to nine - while at the same time each Friend’s individual range has increased and importantly so has the overlap between units, both adjacent and alternate. Simply put, this means there’s a better chance the unit either side of the one you need but don’t have will fit the placement you need it to - more placements with less units!

See here for the full Wild Country Range available at The Depot Shop.