Scarpa Challenge

by Dan Crossdale
Posted: 2nd Mar 2012

This month’s Scarpa challenge proved to be a tricky one. 3 climbs were set and a month was given to complete all three boulder problems within a session. If the climbs were completed your name was put into a hat and drawn out at the end for a chance to win a pair of shoes very generously given by Scarpa.

Many climbers attempted the challenge however it seemed only one man was big enough to step up to the challenge. Tim Palmer The Depot’s local hero and only guy who’s arms could rival Schwarzenegger’s was able to complete all three in a session with an impressive flash of the back roof. Tim has received a very fancy pair of his own Scarpa Instinct Lace ups for his efforts.

Furthermore nationally recognised bouldering superstars such as Dave Barrans, Mark Katz and David Jones completed all three problems in a session. However, as all three are already sponsored they opted out of the free shoes in a show of good sportsmanship.

Stay posted for more information regarding the next Scarpa challenge.

Depot Team


The format of the competition is as follows:

6 problems have been set, 3 for the ladies and 3 for the gents.

You have 1 month to try the problems as many times as you like, you then need to try and do all 3 of the problems in your category in 1 session.

If you successfully do this your name will go into a hat and you may be the lucky one drawn out to win a pair of Scarpa shoes.

The ladies problems are V5 and up, the genst problems are V7 and up.

Stay tuned for the dates of the next challenge.