Schools at the Climbing Depot - Leeds

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 2nd May 2018

Learning Outside The Classroom - Classes for Schools and Groups

The Depot has proved extremely popular with a wide range of school groups. Our staff have a wealth of experience in delivering quality sessions to SEN, Primary, Secondary and FE groups. With our team consisting of fully qualified teachers we can deliver sessions specific to a given curriculum at all key stages. We can also run the session with an emphasis on team building and developing self-esteem.

We cater for all group sizes and we work on a instructor to student ratio of 1:6.

Cost: From £5 per student for climbing sessions.

For further information on Learning Outside the Classroom booking please contact us.


National indoor bouldering award scheme (NIBAS) for Schools at The Depot.


The National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme (NIBAS) is a nationally recognised bouldering award that is split into 5 levels. The awards aim is to develop climbing ability, teach technical knowledge, develop confidence and foster communication skills. Each level comes with its own log book to track progress and record achievements. A folder to hold logbooks and learning materials is available and we include this in the price of a block session.


The Structure of NIBAS

The scheme consists of five levels which are aimed at developing climbing skills from someone who is a complete novice right through to becoming an expert boulderer. The levels make up two parts of the scheme and to complete the entire scheme takes a minimum of 150 hours of candidate commitment. Part 1 comprises of Levels 1 to 3 and Part 2 is Levels 4 and 5.

Further information on the scheme including pricing for Schools can be obtained by emailing -