by Steve Dunning
Posted: 2nd May 2018

The Structure of NIBAS

The scheme consists of five levels which are aimed at developing climbing skills from someone who is a complete novice right through to becoming an expert boulderer. The levels make up two parts of the scheme and to complete the entire scheme takes a minimum of 150 hours of candidate commitment.

Part 1 comprises of Levels 1 to 3 and Part 2 is Levels 4 and 5.

The five levels are:

1. New Boulderer

An entry–level award for candidates who wish to learn what bouldering is as a physical activity and how to use a bouldering wall safely.

2. Foundation Boulderer

Aimed at helping the candidate to understand how a bouldering wall works, and basic preparation and control while bouldering, with an introduction to equipment and movement skills.

3. Competent Boulderer

Corresponding to most bouldering–only centres’ “membership” standards. This is aimed at ensuring a candidate possesses the knowledge and skill to boulder safely at any bouldering facility and operate in a responsible manner.

4. Skilled Boulderer

Aimed at developing a self–motivated boulderer who has a wide range of skills and has reached a high level of competence, with a desire to progress by identifying and setting goals.

5. Performance Boulderer

The top–level award that focuses on improving performance, with advanced skills and knowledge of training and bouldering as well as experience of local and national competitions.

Who can take part in the NIBAS scheme?

Anyone from age 7+ can take part in the scheme.
How much will the scheme cost?

Registering for the scheme costs £9 which includes the logbook and ring binder.

Block of 6 sessions with free hire costs £48 once you have registered your child to the scheme.

Please note that there is no refund on sessions in the event of a cancellation.

What if you are already enrolled on the NICAS scheme?

If you have finished NICAS up to Level 3 then you may be eligible to start at Level 2 of NIBAS. You will need to complete a short assessment showing that you can demonstrate the prerequisites of NIBAS Level 1. The Course Director will do the assessment and make the decision on what Level the candidate will be entered at.

NIBAS for Schools and other groups

Any school group, scouts, guides or any other group can take part in the scheme.

We can create a package depending on how many participants there are, the level and the number of sessions you would like to book.


NIBAS sessions run throughout the week

Level 1 - Monday and Wednesday 6-7pm

Level 2 - Monday and Wednesday 7-8pm

Level 3 - Tuesday 6-7pm and Friday 7-8pm

Level 4 - Tuesday 7-8.30pm


To book call 01133 459 295 or pop in to the centre.