Five Ten Neon knee bar pad in stock!

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 9th Feb 2012

Finally we have the super rare Five Ten Neon knee bar pad in stock! This is probably a ‘one off’ delivery so get em whilst stocks last.

The Five Ten Neon Kneebar is guaranteed to downgrade climbs. Featuring a super sticky layer of Stealth Mystique Rubber with a working micro-porous synthetic liner. The snug fitting Neon is ergonomically engineered to allow full knee articulation while protecting and clinging to any angle rock.


This is a must have item for those looking to milk that kneebar rest.


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09.02.2012 18:44:51

How much are the knee pads and do they come in various sizes?



Steve Dunning

17.02.2012 16:05:17
The knee pads are £45 and come in 1 size but are adjustable.