Evolv Talon Review

by Steve Dunning
Posted: 11th Oct 2011
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Dan Knight putting a pair of Talons through their paces on Amandla (8B+), Rocklands, South Africa.

Talon Review.

When it comes to aggressive down turned shoes most people simply think that they are meant for the steep angles. After climbing in a variety of shoes over the years I have come to rely on downturned shoes for every angle of climbing. This has much to do with the emphasis being on the big toe and forcing your foot into a more powerful position. When I wear shoes with a flat last I really struggle now and find that my foot work is sketchy and not as precise. Therefore I am a big big fan of any shoe downturned, but more specifically downturned shoes that bring something new to the game.

Enter the Evolv Talon. This shoe is definitely up there with the best of the best. I love the simplicity of the shoe, yet you can tell a lot of thought has gone into it. Firstly I'll describe the 'technical' aspects in my own terms. The shoe has a pretty stiff mid sole and this allows small edges to be utilised. The shoe is also fairly pointed on the toe, which really helps on small pockets and foot placements that need to be exact. The shoes heel hook really well, with the added benefit of laces to give you the edge when needed. One of my favourite features is the toe rubber. I am a huge fan of shoes with toe rubber. I'm not super flexible, nor do I like using my heels unless I have too, so I find myself toe hooking a lot. The advantage with the toe rubber on this shoe is that it is thick enough to not cause pain when toe hooking, and yet the shoe is not insensitive due to the rubber on top. As for the climbing rubber on the shoes, it is super sticky and rivals anything else on the market. The last thing to mention is the colour - it looks cool and the green plate underneath only adds to the style of the shoe.

This is one of the first shoes I've ever owned that does not have anything I would change. It is pretty shocking and it is currently my joint favourite shoe (wait for the Evolv Geshido - SO GOOD!) These shoes perform brilliantly outside or indoors. I personally love them on limestone - they are very precise and allow a lot of power to be generated from small footholds. I just want to say that this review is biased - I am a sponsored climber for Evolv, but in all honesty they are a fantastic shoe and I have not got a bad thing to say about the Talons. My friends know that I will speak my mind if I dislike a shoe, but this one is genuinely really good.

The shoes are currently available at the depot climbing shop in a wide range of sizes along with many other Evolv shoes.

Dan Knight 


Evolv Talons are available now in The Depot Shop


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