Evolv Performance Shop

by Dan Crossdale
Posted: 7th Mar 2012

Beyond Hope (the UK Distributor for Evolv) have joined up with The Depot Shop to bring a new concept to the UK - Performance shops.

As part of this The Depot Shop now stock an extensive range of high performance Evolv shoes and staff are trained in the fit and performance characteristics of the shoes.

Evolv shoes now stocked at The Depot Shop are:

  • Evolv Shaman
  • Evolv Shaman Rasta
  • Evolv Geshido Velcro
  • Evolv Talon Lace-up
  • Evolv Bandit Lace-up
  • Evolv Bandit Velcro
  • Evolv Defy
  • Evolv Elektra

New in are the Evolv Shaman Rasta, Geshido and Bandit Velcro. The Shaman Rasta shoes by Evolv are a limited edition with only 100 pairs in the UK!


See this link for more about the Spec of the Rasta shoes.

UK Climbing has an article on this here.


Evolv Shoes are now available in The Depot Online Shop.


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14.06.2012 09:30:16
The Bandit was my first pair of Evolv's. It got me hooked. An exlcelent all around shoe. It's just one of those shoes you put on and you know you are wearing quality. I've used these for vertical, overhanging, sport, bouldering, and slabs. I love these shoes for slabs. The toe is great, the hooking is exlcelent, and they are comfortable. I wore through my first pair and after a quick and easy resole (also from Evolv) they were right back on the rock. If you want a great shoe, this is a great shoe.