Half Time by Dave Sarkar

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Half Time.

Well we’re half way through summer and the weather has held up very well indeed with little rain and bone dry crags the projects have been falling thick and fast, with Ben Moons ascent of Rainshadow and Steve finally bagging Cry Freedom it is inspiring to see that hard work and dedication really paying off.

For the rest of us mortals it’s time to take stock and have a close look at where we are in our current plans and make ad…

Posted: 20/07/2015
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Are you F.I.T.T for climbing? - By Dave Sarkar

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Are you F.I.T.T for climbing?

We are well into May and the variable conditions have been challenging to say the least, mostly freezing cold and windy with plenty of rain thrown in for good measure. There have been some good days in between but it’s all very frustrating if you are trying to get out on the crag and send projects. Still, if I wanted an easy life I could have taken up Badminton as a sport – but I choose adventure and with that c…

Posted: 11/05/2015
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