Maintenance - by Dave Sarkar

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It’s a funny word ‘maintenance’, for me it conjures up images of blokes in greasy blue overalls, with blackened faces, drinking pint mugs of tea and fettling machines with spanners.

Maintenance can mean many other things too- for instance The Depot Leeds is enjoying a spot of maintenance and looks all the fresher for the new paintwork not to mention the improved circuit board and cave sections. But for the purposes of this article I…

Posted: 05/06/2016

Journeyman - By Dave Sarkar

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Well, we’re getting into March and those New Year resolutions seem very distant. I’ve written before about resolutions and how they can be a distraction, especially for climbing and how you need to keep the focus on climbing if that is what will make you the most happy.

So my climbing goals for 2016 are quite simple, I want to train well without getting injured so that I can feel fit, healthy and strong. Another goal is try and k…

Posted: 04/04/2016