Does climbing make you happy? By Dave Sarkar

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Does climbing make you happy?

For some-one whose project was to take a backseat and concentrate on climbing it seems work’s been a little hectic lately (this is outdoor season and I’ve been pretty back to back with expeditions, working towards my MIA assessment as well as the 3 days of teaching), way too much of it and definitely not enough play. I finally got some time free and decided to head over to Almscliffe, a gritstone crag, famous in Yo…

Posted: 10/07/2014
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Inside Out by Dave Sarkar

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Inside Out

Well May has passed in a whirlwind of work and …I don’t know what really. I have a great few climbing trips trying to get some trad fitness together. If you’ve never tried trad climbing you have to be really fit once you get into the extremes, it’s not like on sighting sport climbing routes where all you are doing is looking at the next moves because you can often see your next bolt (and even if you can’t you know ther…

Posted: 10/06/2014
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